Kiteboarding Mag TV- Vidcast #2- Aaron Hadlow- Cape Verde

Flexifoil Kiteboarding’s World Champion Aaron Hadlow waveriding and handle passing in Cape Verde.

See the video Here.

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Aaron Hadlow has been blowing the minds of the kiteboarding world since he was first on the scene. Now 2 time PKRA World Champion, Aaron continues to deliver top results in whatever type of riding he is doing.

Check him out here in this clip in the warm wind and waves of Cape Verde, Africa. Aaron shows that he can hold his own with some great strapless wave riding with a kite on some Cape Verde bombs, while showing that he can pass the handle with ease.

Check out for more info on this top rider. A big shout out of thanks to Flexifoil for sending us this clip for KiteboardingMag TV!


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